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The TS410 “SAP ERP Integration of Business Processes” certification is an important credential for the selection of implementation partners and independent consultants.

In a global economy, businesses must efficiently extend processes across a broad network of customers, suppliers, and partners. This will reduce waiting time and waste while speeding up key processes throughout the network. TS410 will give you the foundational knowledge you need to understand how a highly integrated system can favourably impact your company’s performance.


  • To gain knowledge of the Business Integration points of Sales and Distribution, Production Planning, Materials Management, Controlling, Finance, and Human Resources.


Students at DeGroote Business School who are interested in SAP TS410 Certification in Business Integration have to satisfy the following requirements.

Students must successfully complete at least three SAP-Supported courses offered at McMaster University.

After completing a minimum of three courses, students are entitled to take a 10 day SAP Academy workshop to obtain certification in SAP TS410 “Business Integration.” Students are responsible for tuition fees (presently estimated to be $1250, but may change).

In addition, students have to pass a test administered by SAP at the end of the workshop.

The schedule for the 10-day SAP Academy workshop is contingent on the availability of an SAP instructor and having at least 15 students registered for it.


The mission of DeGroote’s SAP University Alliance Program is to facilitate the integration of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) concepts within and amongst functional areas of the School of Business curriculum and programs of study.

The goal is to use SAP technology as a “tool” to help students learn the application and implementation of eBusiness technologies in an enterprise.

Courses at the School of Business that integrate SAP Technology:

SAP Certification Eligibile MBA Courses

SAP Certification Eligibile Commerce Courses

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